-To reach İstanbul Aydın University’s students and graduates for your full-time job adverts.


1.    You may contact personally with Carrier Center via mail ‘’[email protected]’’ or you may call ‘’444 1 428’’ phone number.

2.    Career Center sends Advert Notification Form to company executives.

3.    Besides the company information required in this form, there are titles such as ‘’ Employed Numbers of Personnel, Position, General Properties, Job Definition, Part-Time/Full-Time’’.

4.     The completed Advert Notification Form is evaluated by the Career Center in three business days and feedback is provided to the companies.

5.    The advert is created for the position. This advert is shared with students and graduates on social media accounts and web site of Career Center.

6.    Candidates who want to apply advert may send their CVs to company executives mails.

7.    Graduate Employment Coordinatorship created a resume pool by collecting the resumes of our graduates, and they are directed to the companies in communication in order to provide employment.

8.    Recruitment processes are carefully followed.

The above process is valid for your part-time job adverts.


About On-Site Application:

-In İstanbul Aydın University, process of on-site application education is under the responsibility of Career Center which was founded in 2004 and serves with large staff.

-The aims of this department are planning the most beneficial application places for their students, and gauging obtained benefits from applications.

- Career Center carries out solution partnership with thousands of institutions and foundations, and offers application opportunity to their students. Within the context of On-Site Application Education many solution partners who accept students provides job opportunities after their graduations and students may choose forward-looking labor force in their student lives. 

-On-Site Application is a ‘’compulsory’’ lesson that students spend their ‘’one’’ day in related institutions and foundations by working and observing.

- Social Security Institution premiums of "occupational accidents and professional diseases" of the students are regularly placed by our university during on-site application.


-To provide employment in your company during On-Site Application;


1.    You may contact personally with Carrier Center via mail ‘’[email protected]’’ or you may call ‘’444 1 428’’ phone number.

2.    Career Center sends ‘’ On-Site Application Request Form’’ to company executive.

3.    In this form, besides company information required there are programs of ‘’Bachelor’s Degree Departments, Associate Degree Programs, Health Services Associate Degree Programs, Faculty of Law and Vocational School of Justice’’. The company chooses the departments and reports how many students it employs by taking into consideration the positions they may employ in itself.

4.    The company may fill its notes about the subject on ‘’Your Requests and Related Explanations’’ part of the request form.

5.    The completed request form is evaluated by Career Center. Career Center builds a bridge between the company and students and it leads students for On-Site Application.